Mission Accomplished
In case you haven’t been “introduced”, “Coco” and “Onny” are long-term Company icons.  Our hardworking symbol’s “roots” stretch back to First Monetary’s island domicile, land of the Sweet Coconut and Bermuda Onion.

The Board of Directors of First Monetary Mutual Limited (“FM”) approved a Member Voluantary Liquidation Plan ("MVL") and selected KPMG Bermuda as Liquidators on 26 June 2017.

The Bermuda Monetary Authority ("BMA")  approved FM's MVL application and terminated FM's insurance license in according with the plan on 26 August, 2017.

Members interested in maintaing certain FM services can contact Second Monetary for additional information:
  1. On-line access to key industry publications

  2. Industry Rating Services

  3. Meetings  and networking opportunities (NYC and Bermuda)

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Thanks for the FMories!

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